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Ankle Bracelet with Silk Emerald Butterfly Wings for High Heels Addicted! :) Usual length is 9,5” :) Also you can write me your measure and I will make the anklet best fit for you! :) This fairy butterflies made of natural silk. A lovely butterfly anklet that you can wear everyday.  Green Butterfly anklet, Anklet of Silk Wings is ready to ship! :) Butterflies made manually of natural silk as close to a live butterflies as in nature. To create every butterfly I use 2 kinds of silk. Using of this multiple levels gives an unusual flickering 3D effect.  It seems like the top butterfly - fine shadow, at easy motion the wings are moving as though alive butterfly sat down and fluttering her wings. When you buy a handcrafted product, you'll be sure that only you have such treasure. Handmade jewelry is the best decoration, which allows the owner to express their own individuality. Delicate style of handmade jewelry - the perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls. See the rest of my collections here: Thank you for your interest! :)

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This shoe design is handpainted on VANS white classic. Each one is custom ordered, so no 2 will be alike. It is inspired by a famous impressionist. It is mulitcolored and can be painted on any color background. It is 100% washable. A true classic now available on VANS! *Please be sure of your shoe size because it will not be able to be returned because of incorrect sizing. If you would like to send me your shoes, I will paint them in this design at a lower cost. Email me a request.

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Do the Handbags in your closet look like this? We have an elegant solution for you. Our multiple Tier Lazy Susan's, 360 degree rotating, Handbag and Purse Storage rotating towers are French Carousel inspired organization solutions for showcasing your fashionable handbags, purses, and clutches in a time honored French tradition while keeping them organized and protected. It can even be used as a Spinning Shoe Rack to store your shoes and save wall space!The wood rounds are a generous 28" in diameter and each of the wood partitions are 12" High and 9.25" deep from front to back to allow for strong support for the structure, allow flexible room for your Handbags and etc. to create a very strong and stable storage/display platform that will last for years.Our Handbag Storage Lazy Susan's are 360 degree spinning, rotating platforms . * French Carousel Design, rotating Handbag storage. * Each Tier Holds multiple combinations of Handbags, Purses, Clutches, etc. * Top of unit can be used to store additional items. * Constructed with all Natural Wood for high durability * Great solution to free up much needed closet space.A great handbag storage solution for tight spaces! Each of the Wood Round Tiers is 28" in Diameter and 3/4" thick. The total height of our Handbag Lazy Susan's.4-Tier...51 inches (as per image)5- Tier..646-Tier...76 The Lazy Susan Handbag French Carousel design fits perfectly in most closets and our premium craftsmanship makes this storage solution, made of all natural wood, fits seamlessly inside most standard closets and for sure, all Walk-In Closets. Your choice of Antique White, Black, or All Natural Wood (DIY Paint or Stain)This not a piece of furniture, it is a Handbag storage system. The partitions (see image) are made using the KREG system. KREG Joinery™ is an incredibly fast, strong, and simple way of joining wood. It essentially involves drilling two holes at an angle into each partition, and then joining it to the tier round with self-tapping Philips screws.Our French Carousel rotating handbag storage unit is the most cost effective Handbag storage solution on the market today so you can spend more money on Handbags, Purses, or Clutches and spend less time on figuring out where to put them. Our turntable with a precision ball bearing (silicon lubricated) mechanism delivers a superb quiet and smooth operation and is attached to a 24" x 24" diameter wood round turntable platform for stability, balance and ease of rotation, plus the metal anodized ball bearing mechanism is positioned between the first tier 28" Susan round and the 24" wood turntable platform and rated at 1000 pounds weight capacity. Ball Bearings are Silicon lubricated to resist moisture and rust. Our unique Turntable system results in a silky smooth 360 degree capability for instant access to any Handbag on the storage unit.ASSEMBLY REQUIRED,,,This Lazy Susan Handbag storage solution is shipped disassembled (Turntable Tier is shipped complete) which requires you to install the tiers back together by following our simple easy to follow assembly instructions. All you need is one Phillips Screwdriver, 20 minutes time, and that's it!...Easy as Pie!We use FedEx Home Delivery exclusively to deliver the Handbag units to your home. We also will need your contact telephone number for FedEx to contact you when the shipment arrives in your delivery city. Due to the size/weight ratios of these units shippers charges to states on the West Coast require an additional special handling fee of $64.00, a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address for this handling fee payment before the Handbag Lazy Susan is shipped.This Handbag Storage unit is a "Must Have" Closet Organization Masterpiece for all Trendy Woman. Each Handbag unit is handmade when your order is placed.Handmade in the USA by Woodworking Artisans in North Wales, PA"If we don't make it, we don't sell it"

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