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*PRICE INCLUDES COST OF SHOES* $50 for Vans™️ slip-on shoe $60 for custom painting, labor & materials Hand painted sunflower vans! Primed with acrylic paint primer Acrylic paint Set with clear sealer top coat Message me for any specific requests! •••• PLEASE READ! Each individual shoe order usually takes about 2 weeks total. I have to go out and buy or order the shoe, then wait for it to come in, then paint them and ship them out which usually takes up to 3 days. If you’re ordering for a certain date please order accordingly. If you’re on a time crunch please let me know and i’ll work something out. Thank you, and message me with any questions or concerns.

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  Item ID: M2241   Keep the Dirt Out - Especially in winter months!! Keeping your floors and carpets clean is hard enough without guests keeping their dirty sh

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