Shoes DIY Videos Fairy

Handmade gnomes. Approximately 9" tall. All are weighted so they can be easily adjusted. Grey felt hat with buffalo red and black plaid patch wrapped with jute twine or without wrap of twine. Black body. Grey felt hat with buffalo black and white plaid patch no twine wrap. Black body. Grey felt hat with red black white plaid patch wrapped with jute twine. Black body. Tan felt hat with brown and white patch wrapped with jute twine. White body. Brown felt hat with red and tan patch wrapped with jute twine. White body. Green felt hat with green gold white patch no twine wrap. White body. Each holding a pinecone walking stick. The gnome noses are wooden not fabric. These are a must have or a great gift! Please note these are handmade so slight variations will occur. Read more...

Shoes DIY Storage Space Saving

Shoes DIY Painted Vans

‘Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.’ For the Potter Head! Various houses, the enchanted hat, golden snitch, Felix Felicis – Liquid Luck doodled in fun colors on a classic White Slip on Vans pair. Painted using harmless acrylic colors. A gentle wash or a wipe is good enough to deal with the dirt & brighten your shoe just like new!

Shoes DIY Painted Converse

Hand painted stone black All Star shoe! A great handmade painted stone made by me! Suitable for a clever gift for any occasion! Is painted on a smooth sea stone which i have collect from Greek islands beaches. Is painted with fine art quality acrylic colors and very small brushes for the detail, is signed on the back and covert with strong satin varnish for protection. Dimensions approximately : Height : 8.5 cm ( 3.3 in ) Width : 5.5 cm ( 2.2 in ) ☛This painted stone that you see in the picture is sold and you will receive a similar on same style, color and size, i use natural stones and it might be a small differences in shape. After your order, i will start to create your painting on stone within 1-2 days. You can please let me know If you wish to send you an image to see the result for give me your approval before i send you your painted stone. Your art works will arrive carefully packaged. Recommended to be placed indoors , long-term sunlight can damage the painted stone. Please for other informations contact me for details. Thank you for visiting my shop!

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