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Gnomes, Tomte, Nisse or Tonttu. In Scandinavian countries, these little creatures guard your home. In Swedish, their name comes from the old word 'tomt' which means plot - the plot of land where your home is. A well kept home is said to have it's own resident Tomte, who keeps it tidy and safe. A Tomte is the perfect Hygge accessory! Bardi © Julie Leece 2019 Name: Bardi Height: 35cm/14 inches Body Fabric: Cream with snowflakes & glitter finish Beard: Silky white long pile Hat: Cream teddy flece with fur pompom Repeatable: Yes Read more...

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Youtube video here:

Shoes DIY Organizer Small Spaces

A DIY under bed shoe organizer with plans, step by step tutorial & video. This 10-shoe wooden under bed organizer has moveable dividers and transparent lid!

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You are meeting an unfamiliar dog and you also observe behaviors for example tucking his tail between his legs, crouching low to the ground, backing away, avoiding eye contact and maybe allowing this

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