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Shoes DIY Sharpie Hand Drawn

This is another post showing off my sister’s amazing art talent. She took a pair of plain white shoes and drew various things from Alice in Wonderland on them with a fine tip Sharpie. The picture…

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50+transcendent cool shoes ideas 2019 page 51 » yusuf.mahakampost…

Shoes DIY Painted Vans

-I custom paint each order to the client's request. I can paint anything: sports teams, Disney, realism, or contrast. I use a specific paint that is water proof and dirt resistant, then when the order is complete I spray them with a sealant. -Each order varies in price depending on shoe size, time and detail. PRICES -Adults $300-$400 including the shoe -Infants/Kids $75-$200 including the shoe -NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES POLICY. TIME -An order takes 2-6 weeks to be painted and shipped. -All orders are made to order. -All orders are unique, so not one pair would be the same as another. STEPS TO ORDER: (1) Your name, shoe size, shoe type (Vans, Converse, Toms?) Keep in mind each brand may vary in the way it fits, so I recommend you try them on at a local store before you order. (2) Specify what you want custom painted. Include any inspiration images, descriptions, examples, and any specific names or dates you want to be included. (3) Date of when you need them by and if it's for a special occasion. Thank you so much for visiting AliciaValentiArt. Looking forward to making your custom order just right for you or a loved one.

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